S.M.A.R.T. repairs are specialist techniques that have been developed to maintain a vehicle in pristine condition without expensive, time consuming repairs at traditional bodyshops. Chips, dents and scratches on bodywork all take their toll on the value of a vehicle and cost valuable time and money to put right.

Not any more! At TrimLine Systems, we offer a quick, professional, and high quality repair system for cosmetic damage – at a cost that is appreciably lower than conventional methods.

Our highly trained technicians , using state of the art techniques and products, ensure the highest standards of repair to original factory finish – thus increasing resale value without the need for expensive part replacement. Repairs are carried out at a time and place to suit the customer, often taking as little as 30 minutes – cutting out expensive downtime.

Interior Trim Repairs

Unsightly phone installation holes in dashboards and damage to interior trim can all be repaired rather than expensive replacement. All repairs are strong and virtually invisible.Interior plastic trim repair is similar to the leather repair technic it can be where the dog has torn or kids scratched we can repair and recolour as new rather than replace and at minimum cost.

Fabric Trims

Velour and carpet repairs from cigarette burns or general wear and tear and getting back to tip top condition we match and colour all fabrics and velour for an invisible style repair at a fraction of the cost done at your home or work place soon down time without your car.

Leather Trims

Scratched and worn leather trim can be professionally repaired and recoloured. Leather can be made look like new if you have a classic car and looking to get it connolised check spelling lol or if the leather is stained or dirt we can clean repair scratches and tears and recolour to new all at a fraction for the cost of a new interior.

Winscreen Repairs

Star breaks and bulls-eye chips can often lead to an MOT failure. Repairs can be made in-situ, avoiding the need to remove or replace the screen. It would normally be cheaper than your insurance excess and if you had cover for windscreen your insurance would rather pay a smart repair rather than a 500.00 screen, and if we can’t fixing it we don’t charge for it and it can be done at your home or work please and takes around 30 min


All men love the wheels to look cool, we can repair kerb damage corrosion, we can change colour or if your trading your car in or of lease this is the smart thing to do and save money all repairs done at home or work place at a fraction of the cost from your local dealer.

Created for the repair of scuffed alloys due mainly to parking damage – as more and more cars both fleet and privately owned vehicles have these add-on accessories and standard fitted wheels.

True SMART Alloy repairs (alloy wheel refurbish) do not involve the removal of the tyre. Once any burrs are removed the damage can be filled using a “gel” activated filler. Care is taken on the type of filler used normal “polyester” fillers can sink, have poor adhesion and will not stand the ruggers of life on a wheel. Then the wheel is sanded, prepped and spray coloured to match the original colour of the wheel.

The wheel repair can usually be done on site at your home or office within a few hours and at the fraction of the cost of a new wheel. 

Paintless Dent Removal

It is amazing how easily your car can pick up small dents and dings but usually they are a very costly to repair, for usually a small peice of damage. For a low cost, highly efficient repair, no need for expensive bodyshop costs also we take a fraction of the time.

Whether it’s a door dent from a shopping trolley or larger damage caused by another car door, anything up to a tennis ball sized dent can be fixed easily and quickly depending on it’s position. Trimline systems Paintless Dent Removal Process offers a convenient and affordable repair option.

Paintless dent removal has been the norm for many years now and is a way of saving on repair bills from your local garage we can take out most dents depending where they are on your car and at a fraction of the cost of having it painted and losing your car for a week in the garage.


Scuffs & Scratches

Scuffs or scratches on a vehicle paintwork can be some of the most noticable damage that a smart repairer can repair. Doors, wings, bumpers and boot lids can all get scratched, be it from small parking accidents scraping up against walls and static objects. This can reduce the value of your car and leave very unsightly scratches and scuffs.

Traditionally repairs such as these would be done with a ‘touch up’ type system which would cover up the damage and leave bad marks still on the body work. Alternatively repairs such as door/win repairs would be done via a bodyshop. SMART repair can do the same type of repair but at a fraction of the cost and the same quality repair.

Bumper Damage repair

Scratched and damaged plastic bumpers can make the vehicle look untidy and un-sightly.Cracked or chipped can be repaired using special plastic repair tehcniques or using a hotmelt plastic to cover up larger damage area’s.

After the cracks and chips have been repaired then the bumper texture is matched and the sprayed to the correct colour leaving a almost perfect finish. Colour coded bumpers are repaired in the same way, but after the damage has been repaired a smart repair paint repair is then added to the area to match the painwork.

Stone chips and vandal damage can all be carried out quick and easy at your home of work we have our own paint mixing scheme and can match a large variety of colours all done at your home of work.